What is Demolans?

Demolans is a transport company that specializes in express deliveries of both small and large volumes all over Europe.

When did Demolans emerge?

On January 18, 1990, Geert Lanssens founded a distribution company in Zwevegem. After a few years, Demolans already had five trucks. Since 1995 Demolans also offers an Express service. In July 1998 the company moved to the Z.I. The L'Epinette Mouscron. Today Demolans has 38 cars and trucks. Every day, 43 regular drivers are committed to bringing your goods safely and quickly to their destination.

What does the Demolans express service entail?

Demolans collects a delivery from the sender and brings it quickly to the addressee at the agreed time, whether from small packages to large volumes.

How does Demolans work?

When a request for transport is received via 056/84 69 61 or info@demolans.be, one of the employees will quickly quote the price for each transport. After your approval, you will receive confirmation of the order. You will be informed within what period the shipment can be carried out. Demolans makes all necessary practical arrangements. Depending on the assignment, Demolans chooses the most suitable car. With this, an experienced driver carries out the transport. If transport takes place over a longer distance, an extra driver can be deployed at the request of the customer so that all driving and rest times are respected.

What is the price for transport calculated on?

This price is determined by the distance between the place where loading and delivery takes place. The weight and volume of the goods also determine the price. All costs such as fees, tolls or ferry boat rates are included.

What kind of transport can you contact Demolans?

Demolans takes care of the transport

  • for trade shows
  • for the automotive industry
  • of printed matter
  • of carpets and clothing
  • for the build
  • of ADR dangerous goods
  • of packages
  • interior projects at home and abroad
  • ...

Where is Demolans active?

Demolans delivers and collects all over Europe. Demolans has a lot of experience with express transport to and from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Switzerland ...

Which fleet does Demolans have?

One of the strengths of Demolans is the extensive choice of cars. There are smaller cars, but also vans, trucks and trailers. Our range has recently been expanded with a trailer equipped with a cage to serve our customers even better. Express transport at Demolans is not just small parcels. Large shipments are also delivered quickly and carefully. Vans are replaced every two years and trucks every five years. Demolans also has a mechanic and its own workshop. The fleet is therefore well looked after and the chance of a breakdown is thus reduced to a minimum. Because the eye also wants something, Demolans launched a new look in 2013 that is carried over to the entire fleet. The rolling stock was given a blue color on which Demolans NV is displayed in white letters. The in-house car wash ensures that the cars look neat and tidy.

What distinguishes Demolans from other transport companies?

Demolans is supported by a motivated team. Manager Geert Lanssens, Linsy Lanssens, Sabine Vanhouteghem, Evelyne Naert and Mario Vanleenhove coordinate the transport. They have already built up extensive experience in the company, which benefits the service. The drivers are also permanently employed and have a long track record. Thanks to their experience and smooth communication between the driver and the people who plan everything, many problems are avoided. If they do occur, a solution is quickly found.

What if there is a problem with the delivery?

Problems are avoided as much as possible. The driver leaves to start with all legal documents. Before leaving the collection point, the driver checks the amount of goods. If the number does not match the shipping documents, the driver may not leave until this has been resolved. In addition to the CMR, you can also send a delivery note with the driver. This can be signed off at the destination so that discussions about goods are avoided. If goods are damaged, you will also be notified immediately.

What if there is a traffic jam or waiting time?

Demolans is a transport company that specializes in express transport. Time therefore plays a major role. That is why the drivers are closely monitored via a satellite system so that delays are immediately noticed. If waiting times arise, you as the client will be notified.

Any questions?

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